Boost My PC Removal Guide

Boost My PC Description

Boost My PC is a software created by During installation, a scheduled job is inserted to Windows Task Scheduler so as to establish the program at different scheduled times (the program changes depending on the variant). After installed, it is going to include the Windows shell and a context menu handler so as to provide access.
Boost My PC presents itself as a legit PC accelerate utility, it scans your computer for issues and displays mistakes which have to be fixed. You’re asked to trigger this item for a month or two upon needing to resolve these mistakes.
Many anti virus scanners have indicated this Software as a Potentially Unwanted Program, also while Boost My PC isn’t too harmful by itself, it comes bundled with other Potentially Unwanted Programs which may damage your PC.

Aliases and Alternate Anti-Virus Detections

Artemis, PUA.BoostMyPC! 1F66D2C3ED6E, PUP.Optional.BoostMyPC, PUP.BoostMyPC, Program.Unwanted.1624, TR/Decep. BoostMyPC.EL.2, Troj/Deceptor-S, Trojan ( 0050b1a31 ), Win32/Deceptor. BoostMyPC.A, Win32:BoostMyPC-A [PUP]

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About Potentially Unwanted Applications

If you have ever downloaded and installed applications bundle through the net (shareware, freeware, etc,), chances are high you have unwittingly installed undesirable programs in your PC. Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP), also called Potentially Negative Software (PUA), are apps which you never needed in the first place and at times come bundled with freeware program. The majority of these programs can be tough to eliminate and eventually become more of a nuisance instead of a benefit once set up.

It is clear by the title — undesirable software — but didn’t actually constitute “malware” on the standard sense. Much like malware, PUPs produce issues when downloaded and installed onto your device, but what exactly makes a PUP distinct is that you give permission to download it — although the fact is significantly different — that the applications installation bundle really tricks you into consenting to the setup. Irrespective of whether it’s considered malware or otherwise, PUPs are nearly always injurious to the user since it might bring on spyware, adware, keystroke logging, alongside other harmful “crapware” attributes in your PC.

Do apps look like?
Unwanted Programs look in various types and types in times, all these are generally spyware programs which reveal ads and annoying ads you drop by. PUPs which come as toolbars and browser add-ons are identifiable. All these toolbars reduce your experience, monitor your internet actions, change your search results with links and redirects, and eventually slow down your internet browser and change your site and your internet search engine at the web browser.

PUPs lie within the region of the software spectrum. They can carry keyloggers alongside other applications built to them which send your data out to 3rd parties or may monitor you. These programs do nothing great on your computer, if the PUPs are malicious — they’ll take tools, slow your PC, weaken the safety of your device, making your PC more vulnerable to malware.

Tips on protecting yourself
• Read the EULA. Search for clauses that say that you need to take pop-ups and advertisements or bundled applications.
• Pick the “custom” install after downloading an app. Specifically, look at those boxes which were assessed as default optionoption, where you could ‘agree’ install applications bundlers or to get advertisements.
• Utilize an advertisement blocker/pop-up blocker; Deploy items like Safebytes Anti-malware. These kinds of software will set a wall between the cyber and pc criminals.
• Prevent installing a software you won’t make use of. Prevent installing software and browser extensions you are not knowledgeable about.
Download software from the suppliers’ websites. Since they use their own manager to package programs along with the download Stay portals.


How to get rid of ConvertDocsOnline

Removal Guide & Additional Info:

ConvertDocsOnline Description

This expansion provides a method to convert files with no additional software installed on their own computer to users, in addition, it has access links to sites that the user may discover interesting. While this might appear nice and appealing, this expansion injects itself.
Once set up, your activity will be monitored by ConvertDocsOnline and document visited websites downloads as well as seen products. This information is used to serve consumer advertisements.
Navigating the net for this extension installed can lead to ad placement during your surfing sessions. These ads might seem as ordinary links (sponsored articles), advertisement links, or even pop-up advertisements.
ConvertDocsOnline was declared as a Browser Hijacker by many Anti-Virus scanners, and is therefore suggested for elective elimination from the PC.

About Browser Hijackers

Browser hijackers (occasionally known as hijackware) are a kind of malware that affects web browser configurations without the consumer’s knowledge or consent. These kinds of hijacks are climbing at an alarming rate across the planet, and it may be hazardous and nefarious . There are loads of reasons you might have a browser hijack advertising, advertising and commercial are the reasons for their own creation. For generating advertising revenue that comes from ad mouse clicks and website visits, typically, browser hijacking is employed. The vast majority of those websites aren’t valid and might pose a threat, although it may seem innocent. In a instance that was worst, your online browser may be hijacked to download applications that may do a great deal of harm.

Symptoms that a internet browser is hi-jacked comprise:
1. The browser homepage is altered
2. Your browser is continually being redirected to mature sites
3. The default online search engine or the default browser configurations is changed
4. You see lots of toolbars on your internet browser
5. You may come across endless pop-up ads on your own monitor
6. Your internet browser becomes slow, buggy, crashes quite often
7. You can not navigate to webpages, such as pc security applications sites.

They infect computer programs
Browser hijackers document sharing, can input a PC such as via downloads, and. Lots of browser hijackings come in add on applications, i.e., toolbars, browser helper objects (BHO), or plug-ins additional to browsers to provide them additional performance. Browser hijackers slip to free software downloads that you install along with the first. Examples of browser hijackers are Fireball. Ask Babylon, RocketTab and also Toolbar Toolbar.

The occurrence of almost any browser hijacker in your personal computer listing your activities that cause critical privacy issues could decrease the internet browsing experience, degrade computer efficiency and lead to applications disturbance.

Eliminating browser hijackers
Hijackers can be removed by uninstalling add-ons or the freeware in the Add or Remove Programs from the Windows control panel. But hijacking codes are not simple because they move in your operating-system, to do away with manually. Beginner PC users shouldn’t attempt for the kind of elimination techniques, as it calls to do fixes on HOSTS file and the machine registry.

Running and installing anti-malware applications can efficiently removes browser hijackers. You need to download this particular malware removal program — SafeBytes Anti-Malware, to get rid out of the notebook or pc. A system optimizer, such as the Total System Care of SafeBytes, can assist you in eliminating alterations and all files in the pc registry.

How to get rid of CrazyForCrafts

Removal Guide and Additional Information:

CrazyForCrafts Description

CrazyForCrafts is a Browser Extension out of Mindspark Interactive. This Toolbar Extension offers plenty of DIY to users crafting manuals and tipsall that it does is point you in the ideal direction. It connects back you to a number of the DIY Crafting sites online which you could find with a simple search at any moment.
Although this might appear useful and quicker then searching around the web to get a fantastic DIY jobs, keep in mind that this expansion injects itself in your browser, altering your new tab page into and documents your surfing habits, can see your internet history, and understand everything you’re seeking or seeing online.
Whilst using this expansion you may see added pop-up advertisements, sponsored articles, and referenced advertisements during your surfing sessions.
Because of its behaviour this expansion was marked for elimination by numerous anti virus scanners, and it’s suggested to eliminate it from the personal computer to stop data leeks. Aliases and Alternative Anti-Virus Detections

About Browser Hijackers

Browser hijackers (occasionally referred to as hijackware) are a sort of malicious software that changes web browser settings settings without the computer owner’s knowledge or consent. These hijacks seem to be rising in an rate across the planet, and it can be hazardous and nefarious . They are intended to interrupt browser functions. These are utilized to induce visitors to a website. All browser hijackers are harmful and so are classified as safety threats even though it may seem innocent. In a instance, your online browser may be redeemed to download malware which will do a lot of damage.

One can know if the browser is hijacked?
Symptoms that a internet browser is hi-jacked comprise: the browser homepage has been changed; fresh bookmarks pointing to pornographic websites are added into your favourite pages; the crucial web browser configurations is altered and insecure or unwanted websites is added to the trusted sites list; you’re discovering new toolbars you haven’t ever found earlier; you could observe numerous pop-up advertisements on your computer display; your browser is now unstable or begins running sluggishly; Inability to browse to specific websites, especially antivirus in addition to other computer security computer software sites.

Just how computers are infected by browser hijacker
Browser hijackers can use sites or even downloads or an attachment to achieve a PC. In addition they come from add on applications, also referred to as browser helper objects (BHO), browser extensions or toolbars. Additionally, certain freeware and shareware may place the hijacker on your PC via “bundling”. Examples of browser hijackers are CoolWebSearch, Fireball. Ask RocketTab, Toolbar and also Babylon Toolbar.

The existence of almost any browser hijacker on your system may diminish the internet browsing experience, monitor develop system equilibrium issues and finally cause your pc to an condition or into jumpstart.

To Get Rid of
Uninstalling the software they have been contained by or with eliminating can readily removes some hijackers. However hijacking codes are not simple since they move deeper, to do away with manually. You need to think about performing fixes to tinkering with HOSTS file and the system registry as risks are linked if you are a individual.

By installing applications on the 14, browser hijackers might be eliminated. Browser hijackers can be countered by SafeBytes Anti-Malware and supply you. Along with anti virus applications, a system optimizer applications, remove toolbars, such as Total System Care, can help you fix Windows registry errors, protected solitude, and stabilize applications applications.

How to get rid of DownSpeedTest

DownSpeedTest Description

DownSpeedTest is a Browser Toolbar Extension for Google Chrome which permits users to check their internet speed and convert files, however this speed test does not show proper worth, nor even close.
This Search Engine camouflages itself as a “Enhanced Google Search Engine”, but all it really does is allow more room for easier advertisement injection. In the backdrop, this extension monitors user surfing behaviour and documents visited links, seen products, clicked links and time spend on sites. This information is later used for Advertisement targeting.
When browsing the internet with this extension enabled you will experience additional ads, sponsored articles, and even pop-up advertisements on some events. Owing to its information mining behaviour and competitive advertisement placement, DownSpeedTest had been marked as a Browser Hijacker and it is recommended for removal.

Aliases and Alternative Anti-Virus Detections

Mindspark.toolbar, Down Speed Test, DownSpeedTest.PUA,,, Toolbar.DownSpeedTest

About Browser Hijackers

Browser hijacking is a type of unwanted program, commonly a internet browser add-in or extension, which induces alterations in browser’s settings. There are tons of reasons why you may encounter a browser hijack; but commercial, advertising and marketing are the major reasons for their creation. These are generally utilized to force strikes to a certain site, manipulating web-traffic to generate ad-revenue. Though it might appear naive, these tools are made by malicious individuals who constantly try to take full advantage of you, so that hackers could make money from your naive and distraction. In a worst case scenario, your browser may be hi-jacked to download malicious software that can do a lot of damage to your laptop or computer.

How one can know whether the browser is hijacked?
When your internet browser is hi-jacked, the following might happen: your browser homepage has been flashed to some unknown webpage; new bookmarks pointing to porn web-sites have been added to your bookmarks; the default browser settings are altered and/or your default web engine is altered; you see unwanted new toolbars added; unstoppable flurries of pop-up ads show up on your computer screen; your browser gets slow, buggy, crashes frequently; you can not navigate to specific internet pages, such as safety software related web-sites.

Browser hijackers infect computers via malicious email attachments, downloaded infected documents or by visiting infected internet sites. They are sometimes included with toolbars, add-ons, BHO, browser or plugins extensions. Also, some freeware and shareware may place the hijacker in your PC via “bundling”.

Browser hijackers could record user key strokes to accumulate possibly important information leading to privacy issues, cause instability on computers, considerably disrupt user’s browsing experience, and ultimately slow down the machine to a point where it becomes unusable.

Ways to mend a browser hijack
1 thing you could try to eliminate a browser hijacker is to find the malware at the “Add or Remove Programs” listing of the Microsoft Windows Control Panel. It might or might not be there. But most browser hijackers are difficult to eliminate manually. Regardless of how much you attempt to get rid of it, it might come back repeatedly. Amateur PC users shouldn’t try to find the manual kind of elimination procedures, since it demands in-depth system knowledge to perform fixes on the system registry and HOSTS file.

Anti-malware applications is truly effective when it comes to picking up and removing browser hijackers that routine anti-virus application has overlooked. If you’d like to get rid of persistent hijackers effectively, install the most recent Anti-Malware software Safebytes Anti-Malware. Utilize a system optimizer (such as Total System Care) along with your anti-virus applications to fix various registry difficulties, eliminate system vulnerabilities, and boost your personal performance.

Removal Instructions can be found here:

AnytimeAstrology Removal Guide

About AnytimeAstrology

AnytimeAstrology is a browser extension for Google Chrome Created by Mindspark Inc..
After installed, this expansion will alter your default new tab page into a customized search supplier named MyWay (
While surfing the net for this extension installed, you may notice extra advertisements through your surfing sessions, such as but not restricted to Sponsored Content, Injected Ads and Pop-up Ads.
While AnytimeAstrology is busy it will track your surfing habits, recording site visits, clicked hyperlinks, seen goods, etc.. This information is later sent back into Mindspark Ad network servers in which it’s used to better target extra targeted advertisements into your webpages.
Several anti-virus software have indicated this expansion as a Browser Hijacker also it’s advised to eliminate it from the PC.

Aliases and Alternate Anti-Virus Detections, Mindspark Toolbar,, PU.Mindspark.AnytimeAstrology, PUP.Optional.MindSpark.Generic, PUP.Optional.MindSpark

About Browser Hijackers

These hijacks are currently increasing in an alarming rate and it may be harmful and nefarious . Browser hijackers can do more than simply changing homepages. Hijackers are made through income creation that comes from website visits and ad clicks typically for the benefit of hackers. Even though it may look benign, people who attempt to make the most of you, so that they can earn money make these tools. Browser hijackers can permit programs with no knowledge to harm your PC.

Key symptoms Your browser has been hijacked
Listed below are a few symptoms that indicate you have been hijacked:
1. Your homepage was flashed into a unknown website
2. Your browser is continually being redirected to pornography websites
3. Default internet search engine has been altered
4. You find undesirable new toolbars additional
5. You see lot of pop-up advertisements in your display
6. Your browser is now unstable or begins running gradually
7. You can not visit sites like homepages of program.

Browser hijacker finds its way
Browser hijackers may use websites or even downloads or an attachment so as to achieve a computer. They might also come from add on applications, also known as browser helper objects (BHO), net browser extensions or toolbars. Browser hijackers slip into your computer together with software downloads that are free which you install together with the original. A good illustration of some browser hijacker contains Delta Search, and Conduit, Anyprotect SweetPage RocketTab, but the titles are changing.

The internet browsing experience might be considerably diminished by the occurrence of almost any browser hijacker in your computer, track your actions that result in privacy problems, create system stability problems and finally lead to your PC to jumpstart or into an threatening condition.

Some hijackers may be removed by deleting eliminating by or with the applications they came. The thing is, nearly all the software programs used to hijack a browser that is online are built to be tough find or to remove. Because it calls to perform repairs on the pc registry along with HOSTS file computer users shouldn’t try for the kind of elimination procedures.

Running and installing application on the system that is affected will automatically eliminate browser hijackers and programs that are undesirable. SafeBytes Anti-Malware deliver you computer protection from all sorts of malware and could counter hijackers. A system optimizer, like SafeBytes’s Total System Care, can assist you in eliminating alterations and all documents from the registry.

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How to remove BringMeSports.


BringMeSports is a browser extension manufactured by Mindspark Inc. which enables you to view live sports flows, follow game scores, and catch up on the most recent news in the sport world.
BringMeSports installs a extension in your browser which replaces you default home page using the MyWebSearch starting webpage, in addition, it simplifies your default search engine, reveals added advertisements, and while conducting, gathers private and internet browsing information that’s later sent back to become Sold / Forwarded to serve advertisements. While surfing the net for this extension installed, you may notice extra advertisements and sponsored links appear in your search results. It could even show pop-up advertisements.
Several anti virus scanners have indicated this expansion as a Browser Hijacker and is therefore not suggested to continue your PC.

About Browser Hijackers

Browser hijacking is a sort of undesirable applications, commonly a internet browser add-in or extension, which induces alterations in internet browser settings. Browser hijacker malware is made for several distinct reasons. The idea is to induce users see specific sites which are attempting to grow their site traffic traffic and create higher advertisement income. Even though it may seem innocent, all browser hijackers are harmful and so are always considered as safety risks. Browser hijackers may also enable other harmful programs with no knowledge to additional harm your private computer.
Just how browser hijacker infects computers
Browser hijackers assault computer systems through malicious email attachments, downloaded infected computer files or simply heading to infected internet websites. They might also come from add on program, also referred to as browser helper objects (BHO), net browser extensions or toolbars. A browser hijacker might also be set up as a portion of freeware, shareware, demoware and pirated applications.

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How to Remove PC Performer from Windows 10


PC Performer is registry cleaner produced by PerformerSoft. The goal of this application is to get rid of redundant things in your Windows registry. Registry cleaners eliminate broken links, missing references inside the Windows registry.
PC Performer adds registry entries for the current user which let it run automatically whenever the machine is rebooted. It provides a scheduled job to Windows Task Scheduler so as to run at different times. The program connects to the world wide web, therefore it generates a Windows Firewall exception which let it connect without hindrance. Multiple antivirus programs found this application as Malware, it generally comes bundled with other applications or is dispersed via a pay-per-install package.

About Potentially Unwanted Applications

People have encountered it — you install and download a piece of free software program, you then see some unwanted programs in your own pc or find a strange toolbar was added to your browser. You didn’t install them, so how did they turn up? These undesirable programs, technically called Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs), often come bundled along with other software and install themselves on consumer’s PC without their knowledge. They perhaps may not seem like viruses to many people, but they are able to produce major annoyances and bring about considerable trouble for consumers.

The notion of PUP was coined to define this downloadable crapware as something aside from malicious software. Much like malware, PUPs create problems when downloaded and put in your computer, but what makes a PUP distinct is that you provide consent to download it — although the the fact is vastly different — that the applications setup package actually tricks you into agreeing to the setup. Nonetheless, there isn’t any doubt that PUPs are still bad news for computer users since it can be incredibly harmful to your personal computer in lots of ways.

For detailed information on PC Performer, as well as a complete removal guide, visit us at:

SafeSearch Browser Hijacker Removal


SafeSearch is an ad-supported, cross web browser plugin for Internet Explorer and Firefox/Chrome. The browser extension will modify the default or custom configurations of the browser such as the home page, search settings and in some cases will alter Internet Explorer’s load time threshold, place a lock file within Firefox to prevent altering settings as well as disable the browser’s Content Security Policy so as to allow for cross site scripting of their plugin. For all these reasons it has been categorized as a browser hijacker.

About Browser Hijackers

Browser hijacking is amongst the internet’s constant problems that target browsers. It’s a kind of malware program that directs the web browser requests to some other malicious sites. They’re created to disrupt browser functions for several purposes. Typically, the idea is to force users visit certain websites that are trying to improve their visitor traffic and produce higher ad revenue. Even though it might seem naive, all browser hijackers are damaging and therefore always regarded as security risks. Furthermore, hijackers can make the entire infected system vulnerable – other dangerous malwares and viruses will take hold of these opportunities to intrude into your PC effortlessly.

Technical Details and Manual Removal (Advanced Users)

If you wish to manually remove SafeSearch without the use of an automated tool, it may be possible to do so by removing the program from the Windows Add/Remove Programs menu, or in cases of browser extensions, going to the browsers AddOn/Extension manager and removing it. You will likely also want to reset your browser.
To ensure complete removal, manually check your hard drive and registry for all of the following and remove or reset the values accordingly. Please note that this is for advanced users only and may be difficult, with incorrect file removal causing additional PC errors. In addition, some malware is capable of replicating or preventing deletion. Doing this in Safe Mode is advised.
The following files, folders, and registry entries are created or modified by SafeSearch

for more information, file manifest, and removal guides!

How to Resolve Error Code 0x80004002 on Windows PC

Error Code 0x80004002 affects Windows 10 and previous operating systems, which includes Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. In most cases, this error code pops up when the user is trying to install new software or programs on his or her computer.

Common symptoms include:

  • Programs that once worked perfectly aren’t working properly.
  • The computer responds slowly to keyboard or mouse command.
  • Problem shutting down or starting the computer.
  • Error message associated with registry, updates or response time appears.

A number of solutions can be employed to try to resolve the problem. Since there are several causes to this error, some of the methods used to solve it are fairly simple, while others call for advanced knowledge or abilities to complete. If the methods below don’t solve the problem or if you are not confident that you’d be able to implement these methods successfully, contact a professional Windows repair technician to help you.

Error Causes

Many different issues may be responsible for the Error Code 0x80004002 to appear. The most common causes for this error include:

There are many different issues that can contribute to the appearance of Error Code 0x80004002. The most common causes for this particular error message include:

  • Registry files have errors.
  • System files that were associated with other programs have been accidentally deleted.
  • Viruses or malware caused the program files or system files to become corrupted.
  • Installations failed before fully completing.

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Further Information and Manual Repair

Because of the numerous causes behind Error Code 0x80004002, the number of methods can be used to try to resolve the issues. Some of these methods may be easy to implement, but other methods may require the use of programs like registry cleaners and driver installation wizards. If you aren’t sure about using this software, contact a professional Windows repairman to help you.

Here are the primary methods you can use to resolve Error Code 0x80004002:

Method One:  Run Your Windows Registry Cleaner

There are several registry cleaning tools available on the internet, however, not all of them come from trustworthy sources.

Many different registry cleaning tools exist on the Internet, but not all are provided by trustworthy sources. Rather than trusting a file from an unknown publisher, you can use the registry cleaning program included in your Windows software package.

Use this registry cleaning tool to scan your files and find out which ones need to be repaired. In most cases, the registry cleaner will repair the damaged files itself and solve the problem.

Always restart your machine after you’ve used the registry cleaner. This will ensure that your computer will access the newly repaired files.

Want to learn more ways to fix error code  0x80004002, visit the original article.



How to Repair Error Code 0xc0000005 on Windows 10

Error Code 0xc0000005, which occurs when you try to use programs within Windows 10 can be very frustrating. While it is associated mostly with Windows 10, this error has also been seen in previous versions of the Windows Operating System. This error works in the same ways and is normally caused for same reasons in all the cases.

Common symptoms include:

  • You cannot run programs as designed
  • You cannot start any programs

While Error Code 0xc0000005 might cause you a big problem, there are three strategies available for solving these problems. However, if you aren’t sure you can do this all by your own, please contact a professional PC repairman familiar with Windows OS to help you solve this problem.

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Solution and Manual Repair of Error Code 0xc0000005 

Three main methods are available for you to try to solve Error Code 0xc0000005 on your Windows machine. Considering the extent of your technical know-how and confidence, it may be easy to somewhat tough to follow these steps. Again, if you aren’t confident enough to complete the methods all by yourself, contact a qualified computer repairman to help you in the process.

Best ways to resolve Error Code 0xc0000005 on your Windows machine are given below:

Method One:  Disable Any Anti-Virus Processes

In some instances, your programs might be interfered by an antivirus. If you think that to be the primary cause, try to disable the antivirus software temporarily to see if that resolves the problem and you are able to use the program without any error.

Make sure you always have on other security software, such as built-in Windows Defender, when you disable the antivirus software. This will protect your computer from malicious software. Generally, this is normally the best security tool on your computer that doesn’t interfere with other programs.

Method Two:  Run a Registry Cleaner

In some instances, Error Code 0xc0000005 might appear when a registry entry is faulty or missing from the system. If you believe this to be the case, use a registry cleaning software you trust to scan the files and let the software automatically fix the problem.

Make sure always to check the registry cleaning tool provider you are using, because not every tool you download from the internet is safe. Whenever possible, use the registry tools that are available directly from the Microsoft website, rather than the ones you find with a simple search.

Once you completed your registry scan, take time to restart your machine to make sure that every change made in the computer can be recognized and applied by your OS and devices.

Would you love to view more ways to resolve error code 0xc0000005 when it appears on your Windows PC? Please visit the full article and learn how to completely repair error code 0xc0000005